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It’s Christmas again?

All around the world Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands delight people with their decoration and bright lights during this solemn time of the year.

Where people come together, in cities, boutiques, department stores, shopping centers, at airports and railway stations but also in many, many private flats, these solemn decorated fir-tree products mustn’t be missing!

Traditionally every year millions of fir-trees are cut down and thereby natural resources are being devastated. Then these trees have to be transported mostly for a long distance every year again. Put on longevity and find the best not needling Christmas trees, Giant trees, wreaths and garlands for you. Also for environment’s sake.

No matter if you use your BARCANA fir-tree product for private or industrial decoration, there’s no problem for anybody regarding the buildup, care and cleaning. The brand BARCANA stands for products that are produced with great care and are geared to highest standards in the professional area. The variety of the products and the design surely conform to your specific requirements and your individual style.


BARCANA trees count among the bestsellers. Deluxe, standard, slim line or slim line silhouette – these luxurious fir trees get their exclusive look with a very tight finishing and imitate nature perfectly with their unique production know-how. Of course, we can also decorate your individual BARCANA trees – also on short notice.

Giant trees

Giant trees create a wonderful atmosphere and are an eye catcher from a distance. You can get giant trees with custom-made lights and decoration – of course d with stress analysis. You can extend your giant tree to almost any height, also after years. This leads to efficient set-up and tear-down with low mounting costs as well as economic logistics and storage.


BARCANA garlands are of versatile use and beautify entrances, windows and staircases. With the right lights and decoration all garlands become a real highlight.


BARCANA wreaths set the stage for small rooms no matter if in vertical or horizontal hanging. Every wreath has the typical BARCANA product qualities as well as custom


Custom-made. Attractive. With the help of our unfailing types of decoration, colours and cuts we are able to produce accurately fitting and individual solutions for your special needs. The possibility of variations almost knows no limit. Take a look for yourself.